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Brain Memory

The Academy of Float

As a burgeoning nutritionist I have a whole lot of information to cram into my brain by the end of this school semester. Last month on the eve of my midterm exam for Experimental Nutrition, I was reminded of the limitations...

I Got… STRESS, Under My Skin

Stress Float

I Got… STRESS, Under My Skin

These past few weeks I’d been spending an inordinate amount of time browsing Sephora stores for skincare products. Why? Because it was recently double point skincare week, and we know people go craaaaazy fo' that...

The Benefits of Float Tanks

Float Tank Tree

Float tank therapy or sensory deprivation therapy gives you one of the most amazing experiences ever for relaxation and stress relief. Research done by he Swedish research council has also shown that the relaxation that you get on a float tank...

Happy New Year From Float Science


Float Science would like to wish you all a happy, fulfilling, healthy, and prosperous new year! A tremendous thank you to everyone who has helped support us so far. Float Science has big plans in 2014 and we can't wait to show you what's in...

Interesting Excerpts from Isolation Tank Article


The following are selected excerpts form an informative article about sensory deprivation tanks. Click here to go to the full article.

Types of sessions

"A therapeutic session in a flotation tank typically lasts an hour. For the first forty...

Cyberweek Float Promotion

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Give The Gift Of Relaxation

Very Large Gift Boxes

Need a cool gift idea? Don't know what to get someone who has everything this holiday season? Want to give someone an unforgivable experience or something unique? Well due to popular demand we are now offering the ability to purchase gift codes...

The Simpsons Sensory Deprivation Tank Scene

Lisa Simpson

The Simpsons in 1999 featured a scene with a sensory deprivation tank, that was the first time I had ever seen or heard of a sensory deprivation tank. Here's the scene from that episode. 

Joe Rogan's Float Tank Experience

Joe Rogan

If you haven't heard this already, check out UFC announcer and comedian Joe Rogan's take about float tanks:

Even Superman Needed a Fortress of Solitude

Fortress Of Solitude

Sensory deprivation tanks are often described "new age" and many approach the topic with great skepticism. Being such an unusual experience, with float tank centers boasting of the many benefits, this skepticism is merited and also a great way...